Happy Birthday to Me

Tonight I had a little get together for my closest friends for cocktails, cards, birthday cake, and good conversation. I don’t normally like card games too much, but under the right circumstances, they are a blast. The circumstances tonight was studying up for next weekend when I might need to know the details of some card games. As usual, of course, the studying will prove completely useless. So, not a blast, but worthwhile anyway.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sailing with my housemate Chris, my little sister, and my step-mom. Should be fun, though I don’t know how Diana, my step-mom, will react to real sailing, if we get some real wind. I suppose we’ll just play it by ear and find out.

I really enjoy spending time with my Portland (Dad’s) family. For various reasons, we spend short intense times together. I enjoy the “two guys drinking beer together” vibe my father and I have settled into. I have always admired Diana, especially the graceful way she’s aged as she’s watched her children grow up. I even love the back-stage pass I get to my 22 year old brother’s generation through his eyes. Most of all, I love the easy familiarity that my little sister and I share. Based on time together, we really don’t deserve to feel so close. But she’s her father’s daughter, and I’m his son. If we play our cards right, we’ll always have that bond, no matter how many months we spend apart. That’s a legacy that Dad will have left, and I know he knows it, and takes pride in it.

Having friends for parents

Going through the transitions where your parents go from “the people who’s job it is to form you”, to “fellow adults living in this world with you” is tricky. Not everyone goes through it, but my parents and I did, a few years into college. Happily, it went so well that we even progressed to being friends, which I suppose some people never do.

My parents came to visit California this weekend. They are homeless right now, because they’ve sold their house, but their new one is not ready to move in to yet. So they came to the cabin, and then down to Redwood City to see my house. We had a good time at the cabin, doing the normal 50% work, 50% play.

The night before we were to leave, I took them out to a nice dinner at Bear Valley. We had a really fun time, like always. After dinner, I suggested we could go to the bar for a digestif, since I knew from Labor Day that the bar there is the place where all the locals hang out, and is pretty entertaining. I also have a bit of a crush on the bartender, so I figured getting to see her again would be fun too. My mom knew about the bartender thing, so she suggested we sit up at the bar. We had a great time! Amy, the bartender, is sometimes a professional rafting guide, which my step-dad has done a little in the last few years. They hit it off, and then later we found out that Amy is halfway through a set of sailing classes like I took this summer. I left my contact info with her so that she can come down and sail with me. We’ll see if it comes to pass.

On Monday, my parents came to Redwood City. I had to work, so they entertained themselves during the day, and I entertained them in the evening. Monday, we just took it easy. Tuesday I had friends over and we had a great time playing Carcassonne. On Wednesday, I took them out sailing on the Bad Puddy Cat, a 40ish foot boat owned by Charlie Watts. I met him down at the Sequoia Yacht Club. They had a great time sailing, even though our performance that night was not too good.