Sailing Vacation comes through

OK, it is official, I am signed on to the trip to sail for 9 days off the coast of Croatia! Wow, this is going to be amazing! The sailboat we’ll be chartering is really swanky! We will be picking it up in Split, Croatia. From there we’ll probably be heading south in to the archipelago off the coast there.

I really need to read up in my Lonely Planet to learn more about that area before I get there.

Friendster Critical Mass

Friendster has critical mass. I just recently met two new groups of people, and both are hooked into Friendster. I knew about it a while ago, but I prefer to be a follower, instead of a leader in these “invite your friends” things. Looks like it is time for me to follow along and invite some friends to join.

Hopefully Friendster will last longer than Six Degrees did last time this idea came around.

The one problem with Friendster is that it is very slow. It was always slow for me, but I’m guessing part of the problem now is that they have reached critical mass and are growing quickly. It would be interesting to see some graphs of their growth.

Beter Speling

You should be seeing better spelling on this weblog from now on, since I added to my MoveableType installation. Unfortunately, you have to patch MT itself to integrate it, but it was no big deal.

There’s no way to add words to your personal dictionary on the server side, but I have an idea for how to do it, which I might try out. If I get it figured out, I’ll post it here. Basically, I’ll write a CGI script called “add-word.cgi” or something. Then I’ll arrange for every potentially misspelled word to be a link to a javascript function which submits the word to the CGI, and possibly even makes changes using the DOM so that the word is no longer a link, and no longer marked as misspelled.

Update Via an auto-generated trackback ping (thank you MT!) I found out about someone else who had the exact same idea, and actually did it already! This Interweb thingie is pretty nifty. I think we should probably keep it.

Sailing Lessons

I took my first real sailing lesson today. It didn’t really cover much more than previous lessons, but getting more practice is always welcome. Also, you can learn the same thing a different way from two teachers, then integrate the best of both. Today’s teacher dislikes judging the wind direction using the weathervanes on the top of the mast, and instead taught us how to judge the wind direction by looking at the ripples on top of the waves. That’s a useful skill!

Tomorrow we start crew-overboard drills, which is certainly new to me. I’m also hoping to get some practice handling the boat near the docks, which is one of the things I’m most paranoid about,and want practice at.

More on the Matrix Reloaded

Corporate Mofo discusses the Matrix universe in detail too deep for a philosophical lightweight for me to comprehend. But he picks up on, and explains something I noticed too.

He says:

Not coincidentally, most of the people in Zion seem to be black or Hispanic, which makes perfect sense: If you’re a white suburban Matrix resident, driving your Matrix SUV to your Matrix golf club, why doubt the nature of reality?

His explanation is interesting. The observation about the residents of Zion was floating around in my head, but I hadn’t put words to it. Like ceej I’ve gotta classify this analysis of the Matrix universe as “so far highly speculative and thus suspect”. But interesting nonetheless.

I went to the meetup for San Jose tonight. I met a cool group of people there. Conversation was good enough I forgot to leave and go get dinner, so tonight I’ll just have to subsist on a cookie and a mocha. Geek food!

A while ago, I went to one other meetup, which was only so-so. It seems that bloggers are naturally a bit, uh, different socially, and that feeds into a successful meetup. Like the blogosphere itself, any lull was immediately filled with an interesting tidbit, keeping the conversation going. And then the brainstorming on any given topic ran to unpredictably strange ends. Somehow we manged to invent outsourced bus driving and coffee drinks with bacon bits.

God help the world if any of those things come to pass as a result of tonight’s meetup!

Alas Ars Digita, I knew thee well

I watched Ars Digita, because I sensed something important and interesting was happening there. I was saddened when it all fell apart. To me, it was an important part of the tale of the dot-com days.

I found an article that looks to be an interesting insider’s view on things there.

Update: Eve has removed the article from her website.